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    Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

    If you believe your academic performance was influenced by unusual or mitigating circumstances (i.e., illness, accident, or hospitalization; or other family emergencies), you have the option to appeal. Documentation must be provided. All appeals should include a legible statement that includes the following:

    • Clearly explain how the circumstances prevented you from meeting SAP Standards. Provide relevant dates and address semesters in which you demonstrated poor academic performance.
    • Explain how you will be able to meet the SAP Standards in the future.

    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address

    Justification for Appeal and Academic Plan Summary 

    Please use the following space to write your appeal. If you would like to upload a document, please use the document upload feature below. 

    Student Certification

    I understand that this appeal is subject to review by the SAP Appeals Committee and that approval or denial of this appeal will be based on the information included (and/or attached). Appeals that are incomplete, illegible, or lack supporting documentation will be denied. I also understand that any financial aid that is currently posted for the semester for which I am appealing will not be applied or disbursed unless this appeal is approved. I further understand that I may apply for financial aid in anticipation of the approval of my appeal and, if approved, my aid will be awarded based on my eligibility. I will be notified of the results of my appeal via institutional email.